Flash Memory
Flash Memory is a "solid state" computer memory. This means it's a chip and not like a 'hard drive' that operates a spinning disc. Pictured here is the internal structure of a USB drive.
Old, Slow, Bulky: Floppy discs

Faster, Slimmer: cd's

Very Fast, Very Portable: Flash Drives

Storage Capacity
USB 2.0
How much can you store on a Flash drive? See the screen shot above.

MB "MegaByte" and G "Gigabyte"

The ability to change files , or "read and write" on the drive quickly and easily is key. Add this to the small, ultra portable size and you've got everything you need.
USB Flash Drive has grown up, and grown wings. USB 2.0, first released in 1999, is up to 40 times faster than the original USB 1.1. All our memory, above 128MB uses USB 2.0.

What is USB? "Universal Serial BUS" is a standard that allows many kinds of devices to be plugged into computers using the same socket, a little like standard electrical sockets.