Custom PMS Match Standard Palette
Send your PMS color code(s) for custom color matching. (Some lighter colors, such as white, may be inappropriate for a Rubber finish.) Each item has a standard palate for colors in each finish. Check our online catalog for specifics.

Glossy Rubber
A clear coat covering the entire unit, sealing the imprint and creating a "glassy" look. A semi-clear coat that covers the entire drive and seals the imprint giving it a rubberized feel and matte appearance.
Metallic Opalescent
Composed using fine powders mixed in the ink. Metallic inks have a true metallic look or sheen, with a finish that’s slightly textured or granular in effect without being overtly glittery or sparkly and with no visible flakes. A opalescent or pearlescent shimmer and sheen created by a layer of metallic paint coated by a rubber finish.
This color process starts with a clear body and is painted from the inside creating a thick, clear surface above the color. This look is often referred to as the "Apple" finish because it resembles the look of some Apple Computer™ products. Check with your Account Executive about how color may be affected by your choice of finish.
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